Weatherman's Guide to the Sun | 2nd Edition [PDF E-Copy]

This is the PDF copy of the textbook Weatherman's Guide to the Sun: Second Edition. Available through December 31, 2019.

With hundreds of new studies published on the sun-climate connection over the last decade, it is imperative that one understands which forces on the sun cause their model errors and unexpected events. This book simplifies the latest advancements in understanding the sun-earth connection and will allow the reader to understand the direction of the field.

From weather and climate change, to technological disruptions and earthquakes, hundreds of solar-earth physics studies have led to the U.N. to add solar plasma and cosmic rays to the climate discussion for the first time. What is the breadth of the interaction? What is the new direction of climate change science? This edition contains everything the hard copy contains, including the sample final exam and infographics.

The hard copies of the Second Edition are sold out and out of print.

The Third Edition is anticipated late 2020.

- 200 Pages, 8x11 Copy, HD Images, File Size ~288 MB

Chapter 1 – Space Weather
Chapter 2 – Solar Cycles
Chapter 3 – Introduction to Solar (Space Weather) Climate Forcing
Chapter 4 – Cycle and Pattern Modulation
Chapter 5 – It’s Electric
Chapter 6 – Space Weather, Human Health and Technology
Chapter 7 – Solar-Triggered Earthquakes and Location Forecasting

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