*Special* Kira and Lulu Book Set & Lulu Space Cat Plush

Enjoy a special offer on ALL 3 Kira and Lulu books, and get a plushie of Lulu the Space Cat!

Kira and Lulu Visit the Sun: A short story about a little girl and her cat taking a journey to the Sun, introducing little ones to terms like sunspots and solar flares. Complete with captivating, bright illustrations, this book will leave plenty to the imagination and will be a perfect gift for young ones!

Kira and Lulu Visit the Planets: Join Kira and Lulu as they take a new journey to learn about the planets in our solar system! Learn why each planet is special - can you name them all by the time their trip is over?

Kira and Lulu Visit the Milky Way: After visiting the Sun and Planets in the first two Kira and Lulu books, they take a journey beyond our solar system to learn about the Milky Way! A new passenger is on board for the ride- Noah is excited for the adventure ahead. Take a ride with them to see what they find!

Sizes: 8.5"x8.5"


Published in the USA

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